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About Jen

Hi! I’m Jen, and through my eyes, I see and capture those special candid moments; the twinkle in your baby’s eye, the twirl of your daughter’s skirt, the side glance between husband and wife, pictures that are timeless and natural. I love outdoor, natural light settings, and my editing style results in clean and fresh photos.

My shooting style is a mix of candid, and portrait photography and very relaxed resulting in polished photographs that take your breath away. Whether it’s baby bumps, newborns, families, or kids…. if it doesn’t give me the “chill factor” it won’t have my name attached to it. Having fun on a photo shoot is the best and most important part. I thrive on being very efficient and fun, and I don’t torture husbands!

Aside from photography, I am a mom of VERY active and beautiful twin boys and a wife to my best friend of over 20 years. If you don’t see me out taking pictures, I am on the baseball field! I have always loved taking pictures (my family calls me “the paparazzi”) but it became my passion when the boys were born.  Along with photography, I love the Lord, working out, and traveling with my gorgeous family!

Check out the investment details and take a look around at my portfolio. Thank you for looking at my site, I look forward to capturing the next event in your life!



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